Column’s Success at the Oscars, the republic of Korea also play well in the games

The winners of the movie of the Parasite in the academy awards has done a lot for people to open their eyes to the republic of Korea. The country lately, it is no longer remembered by the phenomenon of the kpop is a music genre that has become famous with bands such as BTS, EXO, and Twice, and now we start to draw attention to the film. Even before that, the TV shows, and Korean have been doing that head to a niche of fans of the increasingly numerous and loud.

In the world of video games, when you think of South Korea, often the first image that comes to mind is the market for sport-e. Driven by the popularity of “PC bangs” as they were known in the internet cafes, low-cost, who grew up in the country at the turn of the century, and today the game can be considered to be a national sport in South Korea. In the year 2000, the championships of the professional game, many of them televised and to be able to drag it through a crowd of fans in the arena and to attract corporate giants such as the sponsors, were the only reality in this country. So much so that in the year 2000, it was created by the Korean e-Sports Association (KeSPA), the body attached to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. This is the entity that is responsible for the regularization, and to promote the sport-e in the country.

Two games in particular have a lot of success in those early years: the original Starcraft and Warcraft III, both of them in the World. And, a few years ago, a game that reigns supreme on this kind of scenario: the League of Legends. The a-league and the Korean Defence is considered to be the most powerful in the world: the times, the country has lifted the cup from the world champion five times since the first edition of the tournament in 2011.

The South Korea is already the fourth largest gaming market in the world, according to research Newzoo. It is estimated that the country has been in the busiest of US$ 6,19 billion (about$26,96 b) games in 2019. This is the one to have thehelp of the amount raised for the third place on the list, the government of Japan (US$ 18,68 billion, equivalent to approximately R$81,37-bi). Far below, still the income in the United States of america (US$ 35,51, bi-or about$154,68 intelligence), and China (US$ 35,54, bi-or about$154,81 bi). The numbers from South Korea, however, are when we are talking about a population of “only” 51.3 million inhabitants, which is much lower than the other three countries mentioned above.

Here in Brazil, and the significance of South Korea in the sport-e is already seen in the list of the teams in League of Legends. In the last year, December was a champion in brazil, with three from south korea at the time-Seong “Reven” Lee “Shrimp” and Han’s “Light”. This last one was the only one of the trio to remain with the team in the year 2020, is now with another friend: Ucheol “WooFe”.

The other teams in CBLoL keep players in the Korean squad: the KaBuM (Lee, “Parang”, and In “the Wiz”), the paiN Game (She “SeongHwan,” and Kim “Key”), the Redemption (Choi BalKhan,” and Jin in “Patrick”).

Even though in the games, the western is still new in easy in the ranking of the game’s more popular in South Korea, the industry of south korea has made headlines for success in the local and international level, in particular in the market for games is online multiplayer for android smartphones and PC’s. One of them, PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds, the popular games of the genre, “battle royale”, saw it in other titles, such as the american Fortnite, not to mention also the south-south-Korean-Free-Fire. VIDEO from Garena, which is quite popular in Brazil was the Corinthians, was world champion in the last year.

It is worth mentioning other games in the south Korean’s very famous at present, as You and the Black Desert. But it is not a question of a movement in recent, those who played video games in the year 2000 is to remind you of Ragnarok Online, Lineage, MapleStory, and Gunbound, games that are still active in the days than now.