Eduardo jair bolsonaro misses the name of Cristiano Ronaldo and pitfalls viraliza na web-

Nilton Bispo dos Santos

Neal, a Bishop of the Holy

By means of social networking, on the last Monday of the Esporte Clube Bahia was moved to all who are very passionate about football in brazil. The post action for the club, with a fan on-stage terminal leukemia and it demonstrates how far the most popular sport in Brazil, it goes beyond the football pitch.

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In the final match of the tri-color of bahia against Athlético Paranaense (paraná state, on July 5, the fans Should Bispo dos Santos , 27-year-old had his dream come true: to meet at the Fonte Nova Arena , and the club is in the heart. Even though the result may not be added to the 7-placed in the Brazilian Championship (2×1 for the Athlético (PR), the thrill of the sit on top over a game.

You should always had the dream of getting to know the stadium and the track is a departure from the team. On the side of his brother, and of the medical staff of the Hospital Santa Izabel, for the young man you saw in your dream was carried out.

According to the publication of the club of bahia, the young man was able to carry out his last wish in life, it can be determined that a picture of the last stage of leukemia.

Neal was able to watch from the first row to match the Colour of Steel, have won a shirt autographed, and as a bonus he was introduced to the athletes in the mixed zone.

“… he wept. He smiled. She cried out again. Thanked him for. Thank you,” he said of the respect of the post of the Bahia state .